Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Opens the New School Year in Sderot.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Education Minister Shai Piron opened the 2014-2015 school year by meeting with first and second grade pupils at the New Amit Torani School in Sderot and the Mevoim School in the Merhavim Regional Council area.

At the New Amit Torani School in Sderot, Prime Minister Netanyahu told the pupils:

"Be good friends with each other and be hungry for knowledge. This is what distinguishes us and gives our people special strength. We are the People of the Book and today the people of the tablet as well.

We hold on to our heritage and also the future. Study the Bible, our heritage, math, computers and science. Our heritage and the future go hand in hand. Be hungry for knowledge on behalf of the People of Israel, the State of Israel, the Land of Israel, yourselves and your families. We will take care to give you knowledge and security.”

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